“We please Him most, not by frantically trying to make ourselves good, but by throwing ourselves into His arms with all our imperfections and believe that He understands everything—and still loves us.” A.W.TOZER

First read the story of the loving Father in Luke 15:11-24

Take a few moments and ask the Holy Spirit to show you what areas of your life you have claimed as your own. Write down anything He brings to mind.

“Restoration” is defined as the action of returning something to a former owner, place or condition. God is after us. He is relentlessly inviting us back to Him in all that we are.

This is known as the Beautiful Exchange, where we give Him our brokenness for His original design of who we are. In the garden of Eden we gave ourselves away, and we claimed ourselves as our own. And we realized what a struggle it was to have left Him, to have left His home, to have left who he had called us to be and who He made us to be. Like the prodigal son, we experience the shortcomings of a life away from Him when we claim ourselves and even areas of our lives as our own. But He has restored everything back to us by making it fully His first, aligning it with all that's perfect, pleasing, and good so that we can experience the fullness of joy and love that is in Him. Even in our moments of shame that keep us from returning, know that Jesus has defeated it on the cross, and that the Father sees it as an opportunity for us to return, and be near. Restoration is an everyday thing where we are returning to Him, where the old condition of who we once were is being made new and true. There is no judgement in the Father’s heart for us, He is a loving compassionate Father. But it is our choice to run back to Him, and like the loving Father in this story He sees us and is running to us.


Close your eyes and imagine the Father running to you, embracing you and exchanging the area of your life that you claimed as your own for His very best. Write down what he gives you.

Bernard Agyakwa