How To Get People To Your Lifegroup

Maintain Pure Intentions

Getting people to your lifegroup should not feel like a sales job. As a lifegroup leader it’s important to maintain pure intentions behind why you want people to attend your lifegroup. The intentions should be to build meaningful relationships and see your lifegroup members grow in the Lord. Maintain pure intentions and others will see the purity in your outreach to them.

Start Small

As a lifegroup leader, it’s quality over quantity. Start by reaching out to one or two friends and begin building meaningful relationships with them. You don’t need to start by trying to reach the masses. Your responsibility is to intentionally try to build relationship with others and often times that comes with a small number.

Outreach and Consistency

Stay consistent with the people you desire to commit to your lifegroup. Reach out weekly to them concerning lifegroup and even take the opportunity to share the value of lifegroup. If those individuals don’t make an effort to attend lifegroup, then make an effort to be apart of their lives. Instead of waiting for them to make it to lifegroup, take them out for coffee or lunch and hear their story. Outreach to them will make them realize the importance of relationship which in turn may prompt them to attend Lifegroup.

Pray for Lifegroup Members

Most importantly, pray for the Lord to move people’s hearts and schedules to attend your lifegroup. Ask God for strategic ways to reach others that you desire to reach. If you have a heart for students, Ask God for innovative ways to reach that demographic. Praying for your Lifegroup members should be a primary focus as everything flows from prayer.

Bernard Agyakwa