How To Create Group Lessons

Identify the Purpose of the Lesson

What do you want your lifegroup members to learn or experience through your lesson? Take some time to pray to the Lord about what he desires to communicate to your lifegroup members. Maybe the purpose of the lesson is to bring hope, or to learn more about a specific topic. Let’s use the topic of growing in intimacy with the Lord as a sample lesson.

Bring the Purpose to Life

Now you begin to craft how to bring the purpose of your lesson to life. You can choose many different avenues to bring your lesson to life such as a biblical teaching, a devotional reading, a group discussion on the topic, or even watching a video. To help lifegroup members grow in intimacy with the Lord I would begin by briefly discussing the heart behind why God wants us to be intimate with Him. Then, I would leave some time for the lifegroup members to experience their own intimate moment with the Lord by reading a devotional from a book centered around knowing the heart of God called Cultivate by Cageless Birds.

Invite the Purpose to your Life

After the purpose of your lesson has been achieved, spend some time discussing with your lifegroup members how they can apply this topic or truth in their daily lives. This is a great opportunity as a lifegroup leader to take note of areas your lifegroup members want to grow in. This will give you the chance to keep them accountable to this throughout the week.

Bernard Agyakwa