10 Ice-Breaker Ideas for your Life Group

On this page you will find some simple and fun ice breaker games you can use for your life group meetings. Ice breakers are a great way to start your lifegroup!

1. Two truths and one lie:

Gather everyone in a seated circle and then instruct everyone to come up with two facts and one lie. Let everybody in the circle take turns saying these three pieces of information aloud to the group. It is the group’s job to determine what appears to be a fact and what appears to be a lie.

This should be a group decision, so make sure that everyone agrees on the choices. Once decisions have been collectively made, share them. This is a great way to learn new and interesting things about your lifegroup members.

2. What am I?

Cut up paper into small squares, write on each one a name of an object, person, or place. Get some tape and tape it to the forehead of each person. Then you go around the room asking questions about the thing written on your forehead until you figure out what or who you are. Think of this as the headband game but on a budget.

3. What are you grateful for?

This is a simple way to get the conversation going. Ask each person to share how their week was. As they share ask them to share one good thing that God did for them. Make sure that you do not accept the simple “well I’m alive today” this will help build a culture of gratitude in your lifegroup.

4 . Sticky notes facts

Give everyone a sticky note and ask them to write down 4 facts about themselves. Then stick the sticky note on your palms and walk around the room allowing everyone to read what's on their notes. Make sure they start conversation with each other.

5. Guess their animal

Sit everyone in a big circle and go around one by one sharing your name, birthday, one interesting fact about yourself, and then before going on to the next person guess what animal you think they would want to be. Then that person takes their turn and they reveal what animal they would be and why. Keep it going until everyone has taken a turn.

6. Vision board

Gather magazines, newspapers, and or printed pictures. Give each person a paper board with some glue and scissors. Give everyone an assignment of your choice of what their vision board should include for example: “create a vision board of what you would like your future to include.” At the end give everyone a chance to explain their boards.

7. House on fire

Ask, “Your house is on fire, and everyone is safe. You have 30 seconds to run through the house and collect three or four articles you want to save. What would you grab and Why? After everyone has done this, the group can discuss what they learned about the things they value.

8. Deserted island

Ask everyone these three questions: 1. If you were on an island for 1 year what food would you eat every single day? 2. What object would you take with you? 3. What book would you take to read?

9. Chubby Bunny

Get some marshmallows and take turns stuffing them in your mouths. Each person must put a marshmallow in their mouth and say chubby bunny. Make sure to have napkins nearby for the ones who can't hang. The last one to have the most marshmallows in their mouth wins.

10. Deep questions

Get your group to sit in a circle, grab a rubber ball and throw it to someone in the group. Ask them these get to know you spiritually question(s):

  • What do you feel God is calling you to do in this season?

  • What do you want to improve on in your relationship with God?

  • What do you want out of this life group?

Bernard Agyakwa