Life Group leaders facilitate small groups that allow people to connect, build meaningful friendships and learn to grow in their relationships with God in a safe environment. Jesus teaches us that it is through relationships that we are discipled and empowered.



1. Complete Life Group Leader application

2. Interview with Life Group Director

3. Read the book "LEAD SMALL" by Reggie Joiner

4. Life Group proposal presentation

5. Attend Life Group Summit



This application is simply to gather information to best equip you as a new Life Group leader.



The Ascend Life Group Summit, held quarterly, is required for all individuals who desire to either lead or co-lead a Life Group. The Summit is a one stop shop, designed to ingratiate an individual into the way Ascend does Life Groups. Taking a part in the Summit will allow you to learn the do’s and don’ts of Life Group leadership, and will allow you to discover what style of leadership may work best for you.