SHE is our young adult women’s ministry at Ascend under KOTN church. Our desire is to see a generation of women be empowered to continuously grow in who they were meant to be, to see the fulfillment of their destiny, to prophecy life into the dead areas of their lives, and to empower them to fight for their relationship with Jesus. SHE is a safe place for YA women to come together and experience freedom and sisterhood all in one. A place free from judgement and criticism but rather a place where they can be themselves without limitations.

SHE is not just an event we hold every year it is an invitation to process and development. An invitation extended to those women who want to experience transformation in their lives. An invitation to those women who desire more of Jesus. An invitation to those women who want freedom. This is what SHE is about.


In the mean time if you’d like to stay connected please sign up for a young adult women’s life group.